Hosting Coffee Hour

If you or your family is interested in hosting the coffee hour on Sundays after the Divine Liturgy, then please contact any Philoptochos member.

Below are the instructions for hosting coffee hour. For memorials, please bring the items listed in #1.

  1. Bring the following items:
    • You will need enough food for 125 parishioners per Sunday (75 in the summer months, when there is no Sunday School.)
    • Coffee
    • 2 -3 gallons of juice
    • Cream or half and half, sugar packets, stirrer sticks, coffee cups, juice cups, napkins, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc.
    • Decorations, flowers, etc. (if desired)
  2. Coffee pots are on a black rolling cart in the large storage room next to the kitchen.
  3. To fill the coffee pots, put under the faucet in the sink. For 100 cups you can fill one coffee pot to the 100 cup water line.
  4. Place the metal filter basket on the metal shaft making sure the bulb on the bottom of the shaft fits solidly in the depression at the bottom of the pot. Then fill the basket with the appropriate amount of coffee: 10 scoops of coffee for 100 cups.
  5. Plug it in. It takes about 2 hours to brew 100 cups of coffee.
  6. Tablecloths are located in the large storage room next to the kitchen, in the cabinets against the back wall. Please inform any Philoptochos member, in advance, if you would like to use the tablecloths, because dry-cleaning fees may apply. You may bring your own tablecloths if you choose.
  7. Thank you for cleaning up after yourselves! Please make sure all cups, napkins, etc. are properly disposed of. Make sure the coffee pots are cleaned and unplugged, grounds disposed of and the kitchen area left tidy.
  8. Please take all leftover food and drink with you. Do not leave extra food in the kitchen or fridge.

We thank you for hosting the coffee hour!!

Money basket donations for memorials will be made to charities in memory of your loved one.

Saint Katherine

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