Reservations Plan

Reservations Plan

Call for In-Person Worship

Call 916-292-8770 between 9 AM - 5 PM three days before and up to the day before scheduled service to make a reservation. For example, call between 9 AM - 5 PM Thursday through Saturday to make a reservation for a Sunday Divine Liturgy. This phone is strictly for reservations. The Church mainline still exists and is available for general purposes.

You need to make reservations ahead of time and only by phone. No online, texting, or other options are available. It will be first come, first serve.

We encourage people to plan ahead. Please note that you will not obtain a reservation each Sunday. We estimate that each person can worship in-person at least every two weeks.

Information Needed When Reserving In-Person Worship

When you call, please leave your name, contact number, and the number of members in your household planning to attend. We need all names in your family or if you are driving together. Those names must be kept on file for contact tracing.

Your reservation is not confirmed (i.e., you cannot attend) until a member from the Church has contacted you back to confirm your appointment. (This means that not all who leave a message will be able to get a reservation.)

Families or those driving in together will be seated together. You will not be able to go to your favorite pew or sit by your friends.

We ask parishioners/visitors with a reservation to be on time for the service. The Church will be open 30 minutes before the start of service (e.g., 9:30 AM for Sunday Divine Liturgy).

All parishioners are expected to do the following:

  • Wear a mask in Church. (If you forget your mask, masks will be available.) We recommend young children, under the age of 2 years old stay home because they cannot wear a mask.
  • Like adults, we ask that children also stay with the family. They, too, cannot sit by their friends.
  • Practice social distance and stay 6 feet apart when waiting in line.
  • Say hello by waving hello, or saying “filakia” or “kisses and hugs” out loud.
  • Your temperature will be taken and recorded before you come into the narthex. If you don’t pass the screening, we will ask you to go home and contact your doctor.

Consent for In-Person Worship

  • By attending Church, you affirm that you are not experiencing COVID-19 or COVID-19 like symptoms.
  • Follow all health and safety guidelines.
  • Even though the Church is taking all of precaution, we cannot guarantee there is no risk of infection for COVID-19.

It will continue to be important for all of us to follow the guidance to keep our community safe. If we do not, the consequence will be a complete shutdown of St. Katherine for a minimum of two weeks and any other necessary requirements ordered by the local public health department.

Total Attendance Number for In-Person Worship

Due to social distance requirements, only about 32 people can attend the Liturgy in person, up to 75 people if households attend. This does not include staff, ushers, or Parish Council members. We are creating a reservation system by phone because many of our parishioners do not have email or access to the web. The Parish Council felt it was more equitable to all the generations and those without email access to use the phone.

Details of Worship Changes

For highlights of changes to in-person worship, go to the Divine Liturgy Page.

Reopening Plan

For more information about this and other parts of the reopening plan, including health and safety requirements, please visit our Reopening Plan Page.